Dec 27

Keeping Your Food Safe

For food that you keep in your refrigerator, it must be kept under a set of proper temperature range to prevent it from going bad. Items such as eggs, meat, fish, or poultry can cause many types of food borne illnesses for you and your loved ones. As a result, you have to keep the refrigerator’s temperature in check to prevent any serious illnesses that may befall you, and keeping a handy refrigerator thermometer will allow you to achieve just that.

Food borne illnesses

When the temperature in your refrigerator is out of the normal operating temperature range, there’s a high probability that the food can go bad and cause not only digestive issues for your and your family, but also serious illnesses such as a stomach flu. According to the Federal government, there are about 48 million cases of food borne illnesses  reported every single year. Up to 3,000 of these end up in death! As you can see, food borne illnesses can be a lot more serious than you can imagine.

Bacteria that causes food borne illnesses

Among the bacteria causing most of the food related illesses, Salmonella is the the leader in causing deaths. Another bacterium is the E. Coli 0157:H7 which unleashes a toxin sufficient to cause paralysis in people. The Clostridium Botulinum causes botulism which is characterized by paralysis in muscles. Campylobacter, Shiegella Adnnoroviruses and other such organisms can potentially cause severe health conditions especially in elders and children and people who are already ailing from chronicle diseases.

Keeping food safe

By now you must have understood why food has to be given adequate safety. Food safety means that they should be preserved with all their properties intact and without giving any excuse to the bacteria that could possibly infect them. The best way to keep food safe is by keeping them in refrigerators and in a temperature that is conducive to keep them from going bad. After you load up your refrigerator it is also important to monitor the refrigerator whether it is maintaining the temperature required to keep food safe. You can do this by installing a free standing refrigerator thermometer which would be visible to your eyes all the time.

There are refrigerators that come integrated with a thermometer but if it is located inside then it may be inconvenient for you to keep opening the refrigerator door every now and then. You must find refrigerators that have thermometers on the body so that temperature monitoring is easily possible.


Regardless if you have a big or small refrigerator, by taking certain precautions you can keep the food in adequate safety, like not loading the refrigerator to the brim. Cool air must circulate freely between food items to maintain effective cool but a congested refrigerator cannot do that. So place various food items in a planned way in your refrigerator so that they are kept apart as well as they don’t infect each other. However improper and insufficient cooling are the main cause of food items going bad in your refrigerator so you must install a refrigerator thermometer of a good quality and good make to stop this from happening.